The story follows a father who has lost his child. It follows his present day, intercut with memories and dreams of the incident. He does not know what has happened to his child, he never found them. Held in a constant loop of grief and dread, he chooses to go on with his life.

The conception of the idea happened in early March of 2019, inspired by ,the writer and director , Fiona Musanga’s strong connection to reading dreams and how the subconscious informs ones own conscious reality, grief and the fear of losing ones who are close to you being the other two strong elements that Musanga wanted to focus on with the story.

Musanga started her filmmaking studies at the Academy of Moving People & Images later that same year with a few key elements of the story that she wanted to tell. Here is where she was taught and given the tools to fully realize the story. The script was finalized in August.

Production began in November of 2019. A three day production consisting of two total days outside in a cold forest, which served as the ideal location for this haunting story.  

Post production began swiftly after the shooting, ending in January of 2020.