The Story is more of a situation than a story. It follows a woman, who might have an alcohol dependency, staying at home for the day. She calls her partner to confirm that he will be coming over later, he does, they have a good time. To blow off some steam she decides to have another drink, even though she had been drinking since the morning. This doesn’t sit well with her partner and he decides to leave. This clearly isn’t the first time this has happened.

The conception came about from Musanga watching films that depict the makings of dysfunctional couples and are then labeled as romantic or even romantic comedies. The idea was to challenge that and show a dysfunctional couple in a matter where the viewer would not be completely immersed in their everyday life, therefore not really being able to make out what is fully going on. As often in real life we don’t always see how those dysfunctions appear, they tend to happen behind closed doors.  With most of the frames being black and there being nothing else but sound, you have no choice but to be an observer and listen without seeing.

The production came about as an exercise for a workshop on directing. The shooting was a 1 day, 4 hour shoot and it consisted of the crew throwing ideas around, getting to know the location and figuring it out as they went along. The shooting began with scenes were both of the actors are present, the actor Ali Zein’s solo scenes were also shot earlier in the day. Later on the day the actor and director, Fiona Musanga continued her scenes separately with Zein no longer present.

Post Production started immediately after, going on for about a month. It was presented for the workshop and received positive feedback. It was then put on hold after presentation to be worked on more later. Musanga came back to it the next year. After another month of re-editing and forming a cohesive experience, the short film was completed in 2020.